Standard Signature Pads

Rugged signing surfaces or low-cost, pressure touchpad products




From space-saving desktop use and sleek, portable devices to dual electronic/ink on paper, Topaz Systems offers a broad set of products for electronic signature capture.  Here are some basic Topaz® signature pad models for a variety of uses and applications.



All pads are bundled with SigPlus® electronic signature software tools, applications, plug-ins, demos, examples, and support.



Select Topaz standard signature pads are available with Bluetooth, Biometric ID, and Secure Kiosk options.

Standard signature pads will show the electronic signature only on the computer screen.



Topaz electronic signature pads and products are available at thousands of outlets worldwide.


For end users, purchase through a Topaz Authorized Reseller. For resellers, contact a Topaz Authorized Distributor to become an authorized reseller and to purchase.

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