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Topaz Partner - axiUm
axiUm >
axiUm is a proven leader in revolutionary academic dental software. With guarantee standards of care for your patients, make data driven decisions using axiUm for your dental academic institution.
Topaz Partner - Bottomline
Bottomline Technologies >
Bottomline Technologies helps customers create patient experiences that are simple, smart and secure – that’s why more than 1,500 healthcare organizations rely on Bottomline for solutions that include privacy and data security, eCapture, eSignature, and on-demand forms. Our eCapture and On-Demand Forms solutions improve patient experiences and streamline electronic signature, discrete data, and document capture across platforms and devices.  Organizations trust Bottomline to meet their needs for better patient outcomes, improved satisfaction, and increased operational efficiencies.
Topaz Partner - BuildingLink
BuildingLink >
BuildingLink revolutionizes residential building management by providing an easy-to-use, paperless software system designed to track everything from package deliveries to maintenance requests to electronic signatures, while integrating community-enhancing features like social networking. BuildingLink is committed to personalization, customer support, and creativity, and offers an exciting and sustainable way to enhance communication, security and accountability building-wide.
Topaz Partner - Cashier Live
Cashier Live >
Cashier Live is affordable, easy to use point-of-sale software for retailers. It is used to help stores conduct transactions, track customers, manage employees and monitor inventory ­all from one easy to use tool. Cashier Live uses Topaz Signature Pads to help independent pharmacies comply with a number of government regulations like HIPPA, MethCheck, and more.
Topaz Partner - CrossLink
CrossLink >
CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions (CPTS) is a leading provider of professional tax software solutions for professional tax preparers across the United States. Topaz electronic signature pads are fully-integrated and supported in CrossLink Professional Tax Software. With Topaz, significantly reduce time spent on every tax return and receive quick return on investment through significant time savings, copying of documents, and filing for future access on each tax return. Additionally, Topaz electronic signature pads allow you to save money by reducing paper usage & storage and minimizing tax return errors, helping you to meet government disclosure requirements and move towards a paperless office.
Topaz Partner - Dbtech
Dbtech >
Dbtech is the enterprise document management platform for businesses of all sizes. eForms is a complete electronic forms solution that enhances paper-based workflows with Interactive electronic forms that reduces the expense and time related to paper-based workflows by reducing paper, increasing the quality of data-entry and facilitating approvals through digital signatures.
Topaz Partner - Dolphin Imaging
Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions >
Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions provides high-quality 2D/3D imaging, diagnostic, practice management, case presentation, and patient education software and services for orthodontists and other dental specialists worldwide. Dolphin products tightly integrate with digital x-ray units, CBCT systems, telephonic solutions and Web-enabled applications, and are compatible with the latest operating systems. Mobile, Cloud, and browser-based solutions are available.
Topaz Partner - Drake Software
Drake Software >
Drake Software is a top-tier provider of professional tax preparation software. Drake provides the tools and support tax professionals need to build their businesses and attract new clients. Our customers know they can rely on Drake for comprehensive product excellence and value. Topaz electronic signature pads are fully-integrated with Drake Software, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow. Simply review the return on screen, allow the taxpayer to sign each signature document using a signature pad, and apply your digital signature to complete the process. Topaz eSignatures with Drake Software are authentic, tamper-proof, and securely bound to your customer’s return.
Topaz Partner - Epic
Epic >
Topaz signature pads integrate with Epic's electronic medical record software to electronically capture patient signatures for areas such as registration and consent. Topaz electronic signature pads and software are fully up-and-running with Epic 2018. This is in addition to the support also provided for Epic 2014 through 2017. This Topaz software, SigToolESI, provides full compatibility with your existing Topaz signature pads, Topaz-signed Epic documents, our patented biometric signatures and signature/document binding, a wide variety of remote platforms if needed, together with many of the rich features available in the Epic eSign API.
Topaz Partner - eClinicalWorks
eClinicalWorks >
eClinicalWorks is the leading cloud-based EHR in the industry, with more than 130,000 doctors and nurse practitioners, and 850,000 medical professionals using our solutions worldwide. Topaz electronic signature pads are fully-integrated with eClinicalWorks. In many cases, your organization is already using Topaz pads, so using Topaz with eClinicalWorks can result in lower cost of deployment and support across multiple platforms. Backed by simple, powerful software integrated into eClinicalWorks, Topaz signatures have been upheld in US Federal Court, providing you with additional peace of mind.
Topaz Partner - FormDocs
FormDocs >
FormDocs™ is a complete Electronic Forms solution for easily creating, filling-in, and managing the forms you use in your business or organization every day. Most importantly, FormDocs™ depicts your forms as documents, not just plain web forms or database entry screens. FormDocs provides a host of advanced features including forms routing workflow, and digital signing using Topaz signature pads.
Topaz Partner - HID Global
HID Global >
HID Global's "EasyLobby" provides complete, fast, and secure electronic visitor registration, record-keeping, reporting and badging. Visitors electronically scan their ID, and all relevant information is captured in a secure database file, including signature, photo, the name of the person being visited, the reason for the visit, and their entry and exit times.
Topaz Partner - Interface Logic Systems
Interface Logic Systems >
Interface Logic Systems' ScaleQ Scale Management and Control Systems support quick, simple, and accurate Truck Scale ticketing, data collection, and reporting in a variety of industries, including Aggregates, Asphalt, Solid Waste Management, Timber Products, Metal Recycling & Production, and more.  Integration with Topaz products allows for the digital capture and storage of Operator and Driver Signatures and Fingerprints to satisfy both commercial and regulatory requirements.
Topaz Partner - Interlace Health
Interlace Health (Formerly FormFast) >
By enabling seamless data capture and information exchange among providers, staff, and patients, Interlace Health (formerly FormFast) solves many of healthcare’s central challenges through process transformation. Interlace Health’s platform enables several solutions that are accessible by clinicians and patients inside and outside the walls of the healthcare system. These include patient intake, revenue cycle management, electronic consent, forms-on-demand, and downtime contingency.
Topaz Partner - Intuit
Intuit >
Experience the #1 professional tax preparation software chosen by more than 60,000 pros. Topaz signature pads are integrated with Intuit ProSeries Professional version, so capturing a client's electronic signature in person is integrated into your current workflow. You can quickly and confidently file returns with the desktop tax preparation software that is chosen by more professionals than any other.
Topaz Partner - iPatientCare
iPatientCare >
iPatientCare is known for its pioneering contribution to mHealth and Cloud-based unified product suite that include EHR/EMR and integrated Practice Management/Billing System, Patient Portal/PHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and mobile point-of-care solutions that serve the ambulatory, acute/sub-acute, emergency and home health market segments.
Topaz Partner - LiquidEHR
LiquidEHR >
LiquidEHR Optometry Software is a ONC-ACB certified cutting edge electronic health record (EHR) solution, combined with a practice management system designed for speed and ease of use, scalable to your office needs, developed specifically for the eye care industry in conjunction with a team of forward thinking doctors.
Topaz Partner - Nextech
Nextech >
As the leading provider of specialty-specific software, Nextech’s fully-integrated EMR and PM software is designed to improve efficiencies across all functional areas of a practice. Through intuitive design and customizable templates, Nextech seamlessly integrates with specialty practices and enhances productivity and overall patient care.
Topaz Partner - PatientWorks
PatientWorks >
The PatientWorks™ software suite allows users to build powerful print-merge workflows that combine data from any HIS system with user-defined forms to produce printed, faxed or emailed output. The documents can also be integrated directly into your imaging system.
Topaz Partner - uTax Software
uTax Software >
With Topaz signature pads fully integrated into the uTax software, preparers can streamline their processes and  move to digital storage, saving both time and money.
Topaz Partner - Veradigm (Allscripts)
Veradigm EHR >
Veradigm is a healthcare technology company that drives value through its unique combination of platforms, data, expertise, connectivity, and scale. Some healthcare technology companies deliver clinical data for biopharma and health plans, some help turn that data into insights, others serve healthcare providers directly by providing point-of-care clinical software and patient outreach platforms. Veradigm does it all. The Veradigm Network features a dynamic community of solutions and partners providing advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions, all working together to transform healthcare insightfully. Topaz electronic signature pads integrate with Veradigm EHR, formerly Allscripts Professional EHR.
Topaz Partner - World Wide Notary
World Wide Notary >
World Wide Notary provides the DigaSign web-based electronic notarization service, allowing for the worldwide creation, notarization, and secure storage of electronic documents for any business application.