SigPlus Pro ActiveX

Electronic signature integration & development in ActiveX
SigPlus® Pro ActiveX electronic signature SDK provides everything you need to create applications using ActiveX or view electronically signed documents.

SigPlus Pro ActiveX includes the widely-applicable ActiveX control for electronic signature integration and development with the full line of Topaz® signature pads. Find the model number suffix listed on the back of your signature pad, and select the correct "download" link.

A version of SigPlus Pro ActiveX is available for use with Topaz GemView® tablet displays. Click the "Learn About SDK for GemView" button to view more information.
DemoOCX Test Utility:
The DemoOCX™ Test Utility is used to test the functionality of your signature pad and is automatically included in your SigPlus Pro ActiveX download package.

A shortcut can be put on the desktop during installation. If you choose not to place the shortcut on your desktop during installation, it can be found at the following location on your computer: C:\Windows\SigPlus\DemoOCX.

Version Number

SigPlus SDK
Last Update: November 21, 2022

SigPlus Legacy
Last Update: September 17, 2014



Windows 8.1, 10, or 11

Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022