Visually compare & verify Topaz electronic signatures
SigCompare™ is Topaz's bundled software tool for the instant examination and verification of electronic signatures without the need to create or store templates. SigCompare allows employees to compare each customer's signature with a single valid reference sample. Using Topaz's patented Dynamic Pressure™ feature, pen width varies with signature speed, providing visual feedback on the signature's dynamic characteristics for accurate verification. Included with the SigCompare download is both SigCompare.ocx and the SigCompare Test Utility.
SigCompare.ocx is an ActiveX control that allows the developer to compare two Topaz signatures side by side. Signatures can be viewed with optional, adjustable dynamic shading. Dynamic shading is used to redraw the signature with ink thickness based upon capture velocity. Areas where the author signed slower will appear thicker. Areas where the velocity of the pen was increased will appear thinner. Velocity plays a key role in signature biometrics, and because SigCompare provides visual cues to the signatures velocity, signature comparison accuracy is greatly increased.
SigCompare Test Utility:
The SigCompare Test Utility works with SigCompare.ocx. In addition to a side-by-side display of signatures, this tool provides 6 additional levels of dynamic shading.

Download and install SigPlus before installing SigCompare.