pDoc Signature SDKs

Capture & embed eSignatures in DigSig fields for PDFs
The pDoc® Signature SDKs are tools for building applications that capture and embed handwritten signatures in digital signature fields in PDF documents.

The pDoc Signature SDKs include the following:
  • The pDoc SigCapture SDK provides capabilities for capturing secured handwritten biometric signatures using Topaz® electronic signature pads, Topaz GemView® tablet displays, and Windows tablets. The SDK provides methods to generate the images of the captured signatures and can be used in any application requiring signature images as well. The biometric signature data for the captured signature can be obtained in encrypted form and saved in any database for future use.
  • The pDoc SigEmbed SDK provides the capabilities to create standard digital signature fields in PDF documents, embed signatures (from the above pDoc SigCapture SDK), and verify the signed fields.  It also allows you to create and fill form fields. Designed for use in Windows environments, the pDoc SigEmbed SDK works to protect the raw signature data and restrict the sources for such data. The Adobe digital signature field standard is supported to enable independent verification using other software like Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.
The developer documents for the two SDKs describe the various API calls that are exposed through this platform and provide samples on how to use them.

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pDoc Signature SDKs

Version Number

Version 3.0
Last Update: July 12, 2019



Windows 8.1, 10, or 11

Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022