pDoc Signer

Capture, bind, & authenticate eSignatures in PDFs, without the need for Adobe Acrobat
pDoc Signer® is an electronic signature application for the capture, binding, and authentication of handwritten signatures in standard PDFs. pDoc Signer can collect signatures with or without Internet, enabling you to sign documents anytime, anywhere. With pDoc Signer you can:
  • Sign existing digital signature fields in PDF documents
  • Create, place, and sign new digital signature fields in PDF documents
  • Enter text comments in PDF documents
  • Fill in standard form fields: text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, and combo boxes
  • Insert sticky note comments
  • Use the Pencil Tool to create free-form drawings
  • Attach PDF files and other types of files
  • Extract pages from and insert pages into a PDF document
  • Secure documents with passwords
pDoc Forms Designer:
pDoc Forms Designer is an application that allows you to create PDF forms with signature fields and data entry form fields. It is included with the pDoc Signer installer.
Topaz pDoc Signer Electronic Signature Software

Before installing pDoc Signer, install the required software for your Topaz signature pad or GemView tablet display.

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Version Number

pDoc Signer:
Version 5.4.1411.0
Last Update: May 30, 2024

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OS Compatibility

Windows 10 or 11
Topaz Signature Pads or GemViews